welcome to oblivion! i'm your host, jerico

   Welcome    To    Your    Demise!!!

Welcome friends! This is the 2nd website so far that I have built. Here you will find a lot of anime goods. I've recently been trying to upload all my files. This whole thing will be finished by then. Sorry for the delay. Please sign my guestbook and give me some comments on how I should build this page for your likings. Thanks for visiting! ^_~

My Sweet and Snazzy Links

My Anime Music Page: It's finally done!! You may now visit the JM site. ^_^
Noel and Oasis: A great site created for Oasis fans! Check it out and sign the guestbook.
The Official Charlene Gonzalez Website: The site of the most gorgeous Filipina actress/entertainer of our time
My Secret Diary: For Adults Only!! A collage of adult pics.

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Lunar: Silver Star Story

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