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The Music Page

This is the music page of my website. It's not purely anime 'cuz there are also midis of games in here. I'll add some more files later on. I have only put up the music files that are my favorites. I put up a lot of Chrono Trigger midis 'cuz I loved the RPG and also it's music. There will be more to come. I promise! You'll need RealPlayer to play some of these files. Download one now!

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The Midi Corner

Chrono Trigger midis

Chrono Battle

1000.mid/ Crono.mid/Lucca.mid/Marle.mid/Frog.mid/Ayla.mid/Robo.mid/All CT midis

Dragonball midis


Macross midis

Macross Plus Isamu pic


Ranma midis


Yu_Yu Kakusho midi

Yu_Yu group pic


The Real Player Corner

Yu_Yu Hakusho rp's

Yu_Yu grouppic2


Miscellaneous Japanese rp's



HohoemiNoBakudanYu Yu Hakusho (New*)

HomeworkYu Yu Hakusho(New*)

KooriNoKnifuoYu Yu Hakusho(New*)

ChalaDragonball Z(New*)

WeGottaPowerDragonball Z(New*)

VoicesMacross Plus(New*)

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